Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design
We use our years of experience to guide you through the creative process of designing your perfect living and sleeping space. We deal with only the best and most reliable luxury goods manufacturers in Europe. Our knowledge of what is available and how it can work for you is what our clients come back for.

Why do I need an Interior Designer?
It's not that you haven't got ideas, but somehow time flies by and you just don't get around to the various redecorating jobs you would like to do. What you need is someone to help you get organised, someone to focus your ideas, someone to tell you how much it's all going to cost!

What am I committing myself to with that first phone call?
Don't worry. Interior designers are professionals. We are there to offer you, the client, a service. We offer our first consultations free of charge. This means you can make that first step without any risk whatsoever.

My Interior doesn't work and needs a facelift, but I have a limited budget.
Interior designers have the training and resources to explore design options. They can often help you see a room in a whole new light, just by the addition of some built-in furniture, a new colour scheme, a different curtain design, or by re-arranging the furniture. A designer is adept at combining elements in total harmony with each other while staying within the guidelines of your initial brief (no matter how simple or how bizarre that brief may be).

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